Leaking Toilets

Stop the Leaks, Save Water, Save Money

A toilet that continuously leaks is more than just a minor inconvenience

Unaddressed, it can lead to excessive water usage, inflated water bills, and significant damage to your home’s flooring and structural integrity. Our expert plumbing professionals are here to help diagnose and fix leaking toilets efficiently and effectively, providing peace of mind and sustainability for your household.

Signs You May Have a Leaking Toilet

  • Hearing water running when the toilet isn’t in use
  • The continual need to jiggle the handle to make the toilet stop running
  • Water stains or discolouration around the base of the toilet
  • Unusual increases in your water bill can be a telltale sign of hidden leaks

Even the smallest of leaks can waste hundreds of litres of water per month, leading to a surprising increase in your water bills.

What Causes Leaking Toilets?

Several factors can cause your toilet to leak:

  • Worn-out seals or inlet valves: The rubber seals on both valves can deteriorate over time, leading to leaks.
  • Loose or broken cistern bolts: If these are loose or corroded, water can seep out.
  • Cracked overflow tube: This tube diverts excess water into the bowl, but if cracked, it can lead to constant running water.

No matter the cause, we’re here to ensure the smooth operation of your toilet and prevent water wastage.

Our Services

Leak Diagnosis

We accurately identify the source of the leak and provide an effective solution.

Component Repair & Replacement

Whether it’s the flapper seal, fill valve, tank bolts, or overflow tube, we can repair or replace it.

Toilet Replacement

If your toilet is old, inefficient, or beyond repair, we can install a new one that suits your needs and budget.

24/7 Emergency Services

Toilet troubles can strike at any time. We’re here for you around the clock.

Don’t let a leaking toilet disrupt your life or drain your wallet

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