Pipe Relining

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One of our highly sought-after services is pipe relining, an innovative, non-invasive method for repairing damaged pipes.

What Is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is a modern and effective technique to repair pipelines without needing to dig up your property. Also known as ‘trenchless repair’, it’s a cost-effective and time-saving solution that rehabilitates old or damaged pipes by creating a new pipe within the existing one.

Our Pipe Relining Process

1. Initial Inspection

Our skilled technicians first inspect the damaged pipe using CCTV drain cameras to identify the exact location and extent of the damage.

2. Clearing the Pipe

We then clear the pipe of any blockages using high-pressure water jets.

3. Pipe Relining

A flexible tube coated with resin is inserted into the damaged pipe. It’s then inflated, causing the resin to stick to the inner wall of the pipe. Once the resin hardens, it forms a new pipe within the old one.

4. Final Inspection

Once the resin has fully cured, we perform another CCTV inspection to ensure the pipe has been correctly relined.

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Our experienced team is highly trained in the latest techniques and uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the job is done right the first time.

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